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 Hostage at Clinton's place

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PostSubject: Hostage at Clinton's place   Sat Dec 01, 2007 5:57 am

Oh boy, this sounds like big news.

Quote :
Two people taken hostage at a Hillary Clinton campaign office in New Hampshire have been freed, reports say.

The hostage-taker entered the building in the city of Rochester hours earlier, claiming to have a bomb.

It is not known whether other people are still being held inside the building. TV pictures have been showing police taking up positions nearby.

Mrs Clinton is at a Democratic Party event in Virginia and has not been involved in the siege.

The area has been evacuated and police have sent a tactical bomb unit and hostage negotiators to the scene, according to a New Hampshire police spokesman.

Law enforcement sources have told the BBC that the suspect is well-known locally, and has a history of emotional issues.

He had told his son to watch the news, according to sources.


Happening pretty close to the elections, this is surprising. My first guess is that someone seriously doesn't like her if they had a bomb on them, probably a political rival.


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Hostage at Clinton's place
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