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 How Organic Food Contributes to Climate Change

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PostSubject: How Organic Food Contributes to Climate Change   Fri Aug 10, 2007 12:04 pm

What are the odds the left will stop pushing organic farming do to AGW?

How Organic Food Contributes to Climate Change

By Robert Wager : BIO| 08 Aug 2007

Quote :
As the world's policymakers and business elites look to curb greenhouse gas emissions, one economic sector due for a closer look is agriculture. What many people presently view as a 'green' agriculture choice is, upon closer examination, deeply environmentally suspect.

Most people do not realize that agriculture is a major contributor to atmospheric CO2. Further, different types of agriculture have very different CO2 emission profiles. The widespread adoption of modern agricultural biotechnology products have allowed farmers to maintain yields while reducing CO2 emissions.

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How Organic Food Contributes to Climate Change
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