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 Company hopes rest on 'bigger erection' condom

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PostSubject: Company hopes rest on 'bigger erection' condom   Mon Aug 13, 2007 1:01 pm

I will probably get in trouble if I comment on this. LOL!

Company hopes rest on 'bigger erection' condom

Quote :
BRITISH condom maker Futura Medical Plc has said that results of a study showed its new condom helped men have firmer and bigger erections, as well as a longer-lasting sexual experience.

Shares in the company, which specialises in sexual healthcare and pain relief, rose 14.5 per cent to 59.25 pence on hopes the condom, which will be marketed by Durex condom-maker SSL International , could go on sale next year.

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Company hopes rest on 'bigger erection' condom
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