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 Advantages of Apartment Investing

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PostSubject: Advantages of Apartment Investing   Advantages of Apartment Investing Icon_minitimeWed May 27, 2009 7:08 pm

If you wanted my honest answer regarding the advantages of apartment investing, here they are in no specific order. This allows you to become a commercial real estate investor in your spare time: It brings you passive income which means you are not active, your investment is working for you. Investments in Cochin apartments are increasing in rate, with a wide range of direct and indirect benefits.

Apartment Building Financing:

The lender focuses on the property's income and expenses and future projections, and not you. On the other hand, when you invest in single family homes, the lenders look at your income, credit report, employment and assets with a microscope.

Cash Flow from Commercial Real Estate:

If managed properly once purchased, Apartment buildings have the ability to generate consistent and substantial cash flows and sometimes even with 100% financing. As opposed to a single tenant whereby rent is raised annually, apartment buildings have multiple tenants and multiple units' rent can be raised to increase cash flow significantly. These investments saves you time and allow you to focus your efforts on other projects thus leveraging your time while your investment is working for you. It saves you time due to the cash flow that they generate, so you can now hire a property management company to deal with tenant and maintenance issues.

Advantages of Residential Multi-family Buildings vs. other Commercial Property: In comparison to other types of commercial property, multi-family real estate is an investment with better liquidity. For newer commercial real estate investors, this is one of the main advantages/characteristics that make multifamily properties an attractive investment. Multifamily properties are attractive to investors and attractive to tenants. Since rents can be raised incrementally, to increase operating income, demand from potential investors can be high when you are looking to sell your apartment building. Your supply of tenants to rent your units will also rise if price right in any area.
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Advantages of Apartment Investing
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