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 Requires better planning than ever before

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Requires better planning than ever before Empty
PostSubject: Requires better planning than ever before   Requires better planning than ever before Icon_minitimeThu Jul 02, 2009 1:54 am

The desire to travel is found among people of every culture and continent. In a global survey conducted in fifty countries, 9000 persons were interviewed. One of the questions asked was, “If you had time, money and opportunity, would you like to travel to other nations of the world or not?” In the United States, 68 percent of those interviewed answered ‘Yes’. Even now more people travel to and from this country than in any other country in the world.

The respective percentages of ‘yes’ in the UK, West Germany, Mexico, South America, Far East and India were 79, 77, 74, 58, 32 and 17. In India few people actually traveled to other countries for leisure in earlier times. With the liberalization of the Indian economy all that has changed. Phenomenal changes are being continuously witnessed in the travel and tourism sector. Today the travel and tourism industry is generating significant revenue through foreign exchange. Scores of chartered flights now frequent many parts of Kerala and other destinations in the Indian peninsula.

When considering a visit to Kerala India travel plans must be readjusted because in this picturesque land, a visitor will have to overstay to explore the numerous tourism centers in its entirety. Almost all the prominent tourist places are full of crowds of youngsters intending to unwind and relax. This gives ample evidence to the change in the preferences of the people. The number of people moving out of their city to other places of tourist interest has now risen phenomenally.

Only the people from the advanced countries had the financial capability to visit other countries, often spending large sums of money. People from India and particularly from Kerala rarely ventured out of their hometown. Nowadays the number of people traveling to far away destinations is increasing phenomenally. When considering the increase in travel to the neighboring countries, most of the people are actually moving out for leisure than for jobs.
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Requires better planning than ever before
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