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 Diamond Dials from Rolex

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PostSubject: Diamond Dials from Rolex   Diamond Dials from Rolex Icon_minitimeMon May 09, 2011 6:55 pm

When a person purchases a Rolex watch, there are generally only one or two different dial designs for that particular style. Certain watch styles such as the Rolex Day Date, actually have a number of dials that will work for them. They come in blue, gold, silver, white, black, and many more colors. Also, some feature Roman numerals, some feature Arabic numbers, and others simply have lines to mark the hours. The colors of these markers vary along with the color of the dial. There are specialty dials that are set with diamonds or other gems. There are also gold dials that come in a number of styles. It is even possible to find a wood-finished Rolex dial. Also, a person can use a combination of designs to create a customized rolex diamond dial .
Almost any type of Rolex dial can be customized with diamonds. There are even choices one can make with regard to the size and cut of the stone. Each type of dial actually functions differently than the others. The dial and bezel on the Explorer were created with mountain climbers in mind. Therefore, they will not work in the same way as the dial and bezel for the Submariner for divers or the GMT for travelers. Those who have no specific requirement can usually choose a dial based on its look. However, it is a good idea to view the dial set with diamonds before making a purchase, because some watch faces look completely different once diamonds or any other gems have been added to them.
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Diamond Dials from Rolex
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